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Reaper In-depth Strategy Guide ( FP's Overwatch Strategy Guide ) You want to play a team FPS game but you want to have it feel like you are playing more of a single..

Speaking of scrap, you can also use it to drop Armor Packs, which should be used on smaller, more vulnerable teammates like Offense or Support characters, to bolster their survivability — directly throwing them packs is a viable way to get them to pick them up. While he is a defense-minded hero, putting a turret on a moving Payload on offense is a viable strategy.

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Step 1 - Easy Heroes: As it's hard to explain where to start in terms of trophies due to every trophy being in the same game mode (quickplay), I would suggest doing the trophies for some of the Offensive Heroes first as heroes like Soldier-76 and Reaper are very easy to play in terms of learning the game at the same time.

Unlike Ana and Sombra, Orisa looks set to be a much simpler hero for players to get to grips with, boasting a ho…
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Overwatch Zenyatta guide with hero counters, overview of abilities with ability tips, strategies on how to play Zenyatta with strengths and weaknesses.

Overwatch Winston guide with hero counters, overview of abilities with ability tips, strategies on how to play with strengths and weaknesses of Winston.

These characters rank among the highest in our Overwatch tier list and in this guide, mainly due to there flexibility to be used on any map in any game-type.

Hero guides, map guides, gameplay guides and strategy advice for Overwatch.

Overwatch is not your everyday first-person shooter then, which is why we've put together this extensive guide to all 21 heroes and their abilities, as well as tips and strategies for winning matches, which heroes are right for your play style and the best heroes for beginners.

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Overwatch guide: best heroes, abilities and strategies for Blizzard's shooter.

With over 20 Characters in the game, players are able to pick from various Classes…